The Spoonbill Generator

Limerick Folly

"The funny thing is," remarked Fred [Beefy]

Knowing it was all in his head [Karen]

"The world that we see [Roland]

Has no guarantee [P]

Of lasting until we're all dead." [loaf]

Kicking himself, he remembered a line [Karen]

Whose metre was markedly different to mine [loaf]

Now, Fred Smith (for such is his name) [Beefy]

Was hell-bent on personal fame [Roland]

Just like Arabella, [Apsley]

Who slew Uri Geller [Roland]

Now, she was one helluva dame! [Beefy]

Crossing himself, he remembered a night [Roland]

Which ended in bliss and unearthly delight [P]

Yet Smith never reached his renown: [Roland]

Beneath his perpetual frown [P]

One sensed a malaise [Roland]

Or a somnolent daze [Apsley]

That bogged every enetrprise down [Roland]

Cursing himself, he remembered a time [Beefy]

Before he had ever embarked on this rhyme [Roland]

Contributors: Beefy, Karen, Roland, P, loaf, Apsley.
Poem finished: 2nd August 2002.