The Spoonbill Generator

Unlikely Bovine Dreams

I sent a message - to an elk? [Apsley]

Consignia sent it to a whelk [Beefy]

It should have gone to Scandinavia [Grayman]

No time off for good behaviour [Roland]

In the forests or the steppes [Apsley]

Where the Gas Board's earnest reps [P]

Flout the fashion of the times [Roland]

And, pentinent for all their crimes, [P]

Devote their final years to tasks [Roland]

More suited, surely, to the Basques [P]

Who, polishing their nickel hats [Roland]

Admonish those who threaten cats [P]

With usurpation of their flesh [Roland]

For tearing with their claws the mesh [P]

That pens each gander from the flock [Roland]

And rids the world of those who mock [P]

While keeping safe the oyster beds [Beefy]

From filthy perverts, in their sheds, [Apsley]

Their telescopes all stained with steam [Roland]

Thier sock suspenders marred by cream [Glider]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, Grayman, Roland, P, Glider.
Poem finished: 24th July 2002.