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Professor Branestawm Finally Succumbs

This so-called portrait of the Bard [Apsley]

Is nothing but a vile canard [Beefy]

To tease and fool the unaware [Apsley]

And make them think he had no hair [fester]

In life, they say, his flowing main [Roland]

Ran sweet and swiftly down the drain: [Apsley]

His beard ran too; so did his feat-- [fester]

Of hanging sideways in the street-- [Apsley]

The Bard was clearly quite a man [fester]

Whose body knew no settled plan [Beefy]

For eating eggs along with shells [Apsley]

While browsing in the Book of Kells [KD]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, fester, Roland, KD.
Poem finished: 18th July 2002.