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In Contempt of a Buried Steamship

This poem concerns Hades. [Apsley]

Not a nice place for Ladies. [fester]

Nor Hindleys and Bradys [Roland]

Or sultry Mercedes [fester]

However bemused or beguiled [Apsley]

Not a nice place for Myra [loaf]

Nor her sadist admirer [fester]

Demented conspirer [Roland]

With Pluto in Lyra [Apsley]

The famously silver-tongued child [Roland]

The poem preaches caution [P]

If staging an abortion [loaf]

Or other extortion [P]

From Hergest to Horsham [loaf]

All preachers are reviled [Apsley]

Not a nice fate for Dora [Roland]

The veteran vegetable snorer [Apsley]

Whose unctuous aura [Beefy]

Made all men the poorer [Apsley]

The mighty as much as the mild [Roland]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Roland, loaf, P, Beefy.
Poem finished: 5th July 2002.