The Spoonbill Generator

Squirrel-bitten, the Similes Decay

My love is like a rushing stream, of vigour full and free, [Apsley]

My love is one hell of a mother come and see [Nigel Sly]

For I am quite besotten with the words my pen will write [Apsley]

Those hideous betrayers of my loathsome appetite [loaf]

As the Geordies say "ad away and shite" [Nigel Sly]

Nigel Sly resembles but a raging bull, that stoves and stokes and shoves, [Apsley]

And then disappears without trace (or gloves). [Anon.]

His pavan, like a mountain stream, was played all night on Radio 3 - [Apsley]

By an epileptic bee [fester]

The bee, called Brenda, plucked on the strings of Vengerov's old fiddle [Apsley]

Except for the bits at the end and the middle [fester]

My goat is like a heap of dung, with maggots and some lice: [Apsley]

you will not see the like of it, no not at any price [Shiv Mathur]

(Unless you go right up to it - and stuff its mouth with rice!) [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Nigel Sly, loaf, Anon., fester, Shiv Mathur.
Poem finished: 28th June 2002.