The Spoonbill Generator

TV Chasm and Clitoral Yawning

Might I dream once more? Of russet dawns and clouds? [Apsley]

Or must I live with traffic fumes and throbbing crowds? [P]

Agrarian are all my thoughts, which stray across the fields, [Apsley]

While field workers toil and sweat, land barons hoard the yields. [dan]

No substance in my thoughts exists to feed the men of soil, [Apsley]

Though I am with them all the way, and always will stay loyal [fester]

To wheat-sheaves, nettles, brooks and streams, to peasants and their wives, [Apsley]

And if you don't believe that - well, here's a bunch of fives! [fester]

For I'm a Cockney farmer, and I live life to the full - [Apsley]

people watch tv for fin and laughter [Tony]

Contributors: Apsley, P, dan, fester, Tony.
Poem finished: 27th May 2002.