The Spoonbill Generator

The Apostle Paul Ate Our Show Dogs

I gorge a slow caramel, [Apsley]

Drifting on the breeze before the storm [Beefy]

Into an eggshell [Apsley]

Your hair sings like brass [P]

Gleaming in the sun before the storm [Beefy]

Before the downfall [P]

She brings me messages [Apsley]

Chiseled in the slats behind the barn [Roland]

Amongst the cobwebs [fester]

We lounge luxuriantly [Apsley]

Basking in the sun behind the barn [Beefy]

Where we raped her [Apsley]

They're coming from all around [Beefy]

Watching from the gate, between the churns [Roland]

With mystery afoot [Apsley]

The cows of consequence [churd]

Chewing time's lost cud, between the churns [P]

Awaiting doom [Apsley]

He never prophesied [Beefy]

The hour beyond the hour that never ends [Apsley]

A minute too soon [fester]

It will soon be over [Apsley]

Floating in the dream that never ends [fester]

In happiness [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, Beefy, P, Roland, fester, churd.
Poem finished: 20th May 2002.