The Spoonbill Generator

Colonels Crooning to Their Dowagers

To bridge the gap 'twixt man and machine [TG]

('twixt subaltern and submarine) [Roland]

Is not a task, as we have seen, [TG]

For dolts; [Roland]

The skill required is truly immense [TG]

And holds no scope for common-sense [Roland]

It can't be done for fifty pence [TG]

On seven volts [Roland]

No, what we need is a thinking cap [TG]

A sapient helmet; then the gap [Roland]

Will shorten, while we take a nap [TG]

'Til dawn; [Roland]

Our synapses must be rightly wired [TG]

So, when the starting-pin is fired [Roland]

Our efforts will not end up mired [TG]

In scorn [Roland]

The trickiest thing is where to start [TG]

And where to finish; that's the art [Roland]

You have to seek it in your heart [TG]

Or spleen [Roland]

And in the traversing of the void [TG]

Some subtle wiles must be deployed [Roland]

Or we'll end up like Murgatroyd [TG]

-- Obscene! [Roland]

And so we don the protective gear [TG]

Electrodes jammed in every ear [Roland]

And sing aloud, to mask our fear [TG]

Of failure [Roland]

We'll need a generous slice of luck [TG]

In case the process runs amok [Roland]

And leaves no hope, except to pluck [TG]

God's dahlia [Roland]

We'll first establish an interface [TG]

Connecting up the human race [Roland]

With denizens of cyberspace [TG]

Pan-global [Roland]

Then set our grey cells to receive [TG]

Impressions that, we half-believe, [Roland]

Will set our spirits free to leave [TG]

Ignoble! [Roland]

And when our souls have all been filed [TG]

In databases, part-compiled [Roland]

We'll let our bodies roam, quite wild [TG]

And reckless [Roland]

Our Earth-bound forms will gradually fade [TG]

Until, by VDU displayed, [Roland]

Our lives like beads will be arrayed [TG]

An Ecklace ! [Roland]

And Oh!, what bliss shall we know then [TG]

When all machines are partly men [Roland]

We'll never need to wonder when [TG]

To slumber [Roland]

Our lives we'll lead as carefree boys [TG]

Our heartbeats nought but whirring noise [Roland]

We'll praise for aye the untold joys [TG]

Sans number [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 15th May 2002.