The Spoonbill Generator

Reflections Behind Closed Minds

The art of interactive verse [TG]

Is somewhat like karate [Roland]

It doesn't do to be too terse [TG]

Nor yet too hale and hearty [Roland]

Be sensitive to others' tricks [TG]

(some not-so-simply spotted) [Roland]

All authors have their own small tics [TG]

They'll go for your carotid [Roland]

It helps if you know how to scan [TG]

Without a map or compass [Roland]

For if you change the author's plan [TG]

The upshot is a rumpus [Roland]

A sense of rhyme won't go amiss [TG]

Nor yet an ear for rhythm [Roland]

And those who can achieve all this [TG]

Have several Muses with 'em. [Roland]

Yet, first and foremost, bear in mind [TG]

How meaning must be reckoned: [Roland]

When major themes have been defined [TG]

Let nonsense not be second [Roland]

The joy collaboration brings [TG]

Outweighs both rhyme and reason [Roland]

It makes a pastime fit for Kings [TG]

And Presidents to seize on. [Roland]

Contributors: TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 13th May 2002.