The Spoonbill Generator

Flood-plain Eembargoes

Once upon a greyhound dreary, [englishqueen]

Rode the Bailiff, Ken O'Leary [loaf]

From the wilds of Donegal, [Apsley]

Short was he, and wide withal [Beefy]

As through the forests thick he charged. [Apsley]

Often in his private musings [Roland]

He thought of winning all his losings, [Apsley]

Drawing gains from every loss - [dkb]

He'd never once forget to floss [ellie]

In case his root canal enlarged [Beefy]

Now, aboard the barge-casino [loaf]

With a cut-out of Pacino, [Apsley]

Counting cards and drinking rye [Beefy]

In the light of someone's eye, [Apsley]

He saw Le Touquet Paris Plage [fester]

As they burnt in flames all shiny [Apsley]

The roasting hedgehogs got less spiny [fester]

And tasted more and more of pork [Apsley]

(The kind they make ham with in York) [fester]

As their spiny guts they soon discharged [Apsley]

Contributors: englishqueen, loaf, Apsley, Beefy, Roland, dkb, ellie, fester.
Poem finished: 9th May 2002.