The Spoonbill Generator

Criminals in Poltics

The Captain rode to Hampton Court [fester]

Again [Apsley]

And in his mind was just one thought [fester]

Insane: [Roland]

Yet not the Captain or his sisters three [Apsley]

The Captain jumped the freezing Ouse [loaf]

Asleep [Apsley]

and jumped into his brand new jeep [melody]

Called Bruise: [Apsley]

Oh who to blame for mushy little peas... [englishqueen]

From Omsk to Ayr he hotly held the wheel [Apsley]

Aloft [Beefy]

Lest any wastrel should its beauty steal [Apsley]

So soft [Roland]

As any cat's fur tail might rightly be [Apsley]

The Captain saw the Northern Lights [Beefy]

Extinct [Roland]

He travelled to the very heights [Apsley]

And blinked [Roland]

At the rolling might of the angry seas [Apsley]

The Captain sunk another scotch [Beefy]

Right down [Apsley]

Tightened his belt another notch [fester]

In town [Apsley]

And said "Jim, lad, it's time to leave Bletchley!" [fester]

Contributors: fester, Apsley, Roland, loaf, melody, englishqueen, Beefy.
Poem finished: 8th May 2002.