The Spoonbill Generator

Whenever Sacrifice Demands

Such anger; incoherent rage [Roland]

Transcends all peace and wisdom, yet [Apsley]

The manners of a bygone age [loaf]

Preclude overt show of this trait [fester]

and abusing of his pet [melody]

Remains unknown, whatever hate [Apsley]

Suffuse the silence of the sage [Roland]

Thus, unto death, the legions swarm, [Apsley]

Aware that their commander's pique [fester]

Will keep them locked up in the dorm, [Apsley]

If any soldier kills no Greek [fester]

Or Trojan roams the rocky plate [Apsley]

On any day in the next week [fester]

Unless such actions be the norm... [Apsley]

Such love; more worship than desire [fester]

Cast your first-born into the fire [dan]

You pyroflate, you pale Pariah. [loaf]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, loaf, fester, melody, dan.
Poem finished: 28th April 2002.