The Spoonbill Generator

The Circumference Spoon

Jack of the desperate moments [dan]

Gibraltar on the hoof [loaf]

Lack of respect for cream Doughnuts [Nigel Sly]

And bison on the roof [Apsley]

Jill of the cliff-hanging endings [fester]

Madeira in the vat [Beefy]

"What is that thing for, Effendi?" [fester]

"It's used to render fat." [dan]

Bob of the up-and-down movements [fester]

Bananas on the fridge [Beefy]

Let's go roaming in the gloaming [fester]

And feed the hungry midge [Beefy]

Contributors: dan, loaf, Nigel Sly, Apsley, fester, Beefy.
Poem finished: 18th April 2002.