The Spoonbill Generator

Nothing Bought With Eurocheques, I Imagine

Why can't the wicked inherit the Earth? [fester]

Though not meek, that does not block benefaction, [Apsley]

Especially if they've been to prison and undergone corrective action. [Anon.]

Their unfair exclusion leads only to mirth [Apsley]

Plum pud they say is stuff for the guts [Nigel Sly]

It moves through you, ever accelerating toward impact [dan]

Although that is a proposition that has yet to be proved in fact [Apsley]

Proof is a symphony, I am a klutz [dan]

Why can't a little peace be afforded [dan]

perhaps it is that war is king [Nigel Sly]

Over each and every thing [Apsley]

The isolation boat will soon be boarded [dan]

And into thraldom shall pass the slender years [Apsley]

Domesticated pig specially washed [Nigel Sly]

so that you or I may eat our fill [dan]

And, after dining, wash our filthy ears [Apsley]

Time to dredge the ear canal, give passage to the sound [dan]

Of the vilest Britney fake, no whit worse than her herself [Apsley]

Which fills our ears with senseless pap while searching for the shelf [Beefy]

With which we can dash out her brains and leave them on the ground. [fester]

Why can't a woman be more like a man? [Beefy]

Though still pretty to give satisfaction [fester]

With tiny spikes on hand and foot to offer better traction [dan]

The unfair sex should develop a plan [Beefy]

Oh, why can't the wicked inherit Britney? [Grayman]

then contract her to write a litany. [Englishqueen]

Full of mucus and phlgem, it would make number one [Apsley]

In Denmark. [EQ]

Contributors: fester, Apsley, Anon., Nigel Sly, dan, Beefy, Grayman, Englishqueen, EQ.
Poem finished: 12th April 2002.