The Spoonbill Generator

Caesar and the Suprise Chicken

When no Esquimau obtains [loaf]

A loan from Halifax or Leeds, [Apsley]

And dashes his bewildered brains [Roland]

his igloo tax exceeds [tom]

The sum of the first fifty squares [Apsley]

Will melt before the next arrive [dan]

Fall, fall about, fallacious fallacy [Nigel Sly]

Falconer, falsely falling about [dan]

The ascender reaches the height of ascendance [Nigel Sly]

In the order of his enchantedness, [Apsley]

The diver drops to the depths of the deep [dan]

Of that old canal they call Loch Ness [Apsley]

So cast aside your cares and woes [Beefy]

And cast aside all of your clothes [fester]

Including socks, then count your toes [Beefy]

Whilst shouting rude and horrid oaths [fester]

We all know how the story ends [dan]

So we won't bother you with that [fester]

We'll just make sure we part as friends [Beefy]

Just remember to feed the cat [Grayman]

Contributors: loaf, Apsley, Roland, tom, dan, Nigel Sly, Beefy, fester, Grayman.
Poem finished: 11th April 2002.