The Spoonbill Generator

Schrödinger Blue

Gusts and mists are just the stuff of dreams... [Apsley]

Real life is harder-edged, it seems. [fester]

Sharp glaciers snag my belt and coat, [Apsley]

A cushioned life would get my vote. [fester]

Although perfection's an underrated thing [Cate Trotter]

It is the best, for pulling out a sting: [Apsley]

"it's rather drown than fly," she said. [teacup]

I groaned, and kicked her out of bed... [Apsley]

The foolish Bone ate the dog [Nigel Sly]

Navigating thickest fog [dan]

The marrow sucketh of itself [dan]

You take the poverty, I'll take the wealth [Nigel Sly]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Cate Trotter, teacup, Nigel Sly, dan.
Poem finished: 2nd April 2002.