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Goose Desk

The roots of criminal intent [dan]

Are found in libraries and pubs [Apsley]

Where sides are formed and pints are quaffed [dan]

Unlike what goes on in my loft - [Apsley]

Where tigers tumble with their cubs [dkb]

No wonder children grow up bent! [Beefy]

They roam the streets, with fists unfurled, [Apsley]

To pick on any passerby [Beefy]

Who may bear witness to their folly [dan]

And set about them with a brolly [Beefy]

And with a soulful banshee cry [dan]

Reject the chants they hurled [Apsley]

The efforts of the weary Met [Beefy]

To stop and search each passer-by [fester]

Confound defending any realm [Apsley]

And even noble St. Anselm [dkb]

With thumbs alike inside a pie [Apsley]

Can still emerge a little wet [dan]

To say just this would understate [Apsley]

The roots of criminal intent [fester]

Which, as we know, run deeper far [Beefy]

Inflicting pain and leaving scar [dan]

Until, ignored by Government, [Beefy]

We say we won't participate [fester]

Contributors: dan, Apsley, dkb, Beefy, fester.
Poem finished: 20th March 2002.