The Spoonbill Generator

Menu, Unaware of Lurking

I can't abide a burnt-up pie [Apsley]

I simply won't and I know why [Modeus]

I guess my tastebuds know their limit [dan]

I'll take the stupid pie and skim it [Beefy]

I never liked an overfilled omelette [dan]

(Even when cooked by Tom Glett), [Apsley]

A divers catch of abalone [dan]

Makes my breakfast much more stony [Apsley]

I feel disgust for meat too rare [dan]

One glimpse of blood will drive me spare [dkb]

Spare ribs, that is, for those I like. [dan]

Do I mean that? I'm not a pike! [Apsley]

A pike's a fish I don't condone [dan]

Because it lacks a funny-bone: [Apsley]

I do like kiwi, I always will [Brooke]

(Unless my dear mama they should kill) [Apsley]

She always made my favorite cake [dan]

With twenty cod and thirteen hake [Apsley]

Three currants and a burnt éclair [Beefy]

Made from clippings from my hair [Apsley]

So, porridge then will be my staple [Beefy]

Drenched in syrup made from maple [dan]

Oozing so sweetly down my chin [Beefy]

Maple porridge, the original sin [dan]

Contributors: Apsley, Modeus, dan, Beefy, dkb, Brooke.
Poem finished: 13th March 2002.