The Spoonbill Generator

When You Dangle Your Sister in Alabaster

I wandered lonely, as a clod [dkb]

(Unlucky sod) [Beefy]

And wondered why I felt so odd [Anon.]

This must be what it's like for God [TG]

Who seldom sees the seasons change [Apsley]

(Which must be strange) [Beefy]

Or dreams of home, home on the range [dkb]

Where nothing ever suffers mange [Apsley]

Sat and passed time like Thoreau [Modeus]

(Louis, you know) [fester]

Who did not catch a train, or throw [Apsley]

A snowball at you in the snow [fester]

Despite you bright-blue polar boots [Apsley]

(And shiny suits) [P]

A loyal valet, who recruits [dkb]

An honour guard of bandicoots [P]

To wine and dine you to the throne [Apsley]

(I do condone) [Modeus]

Because I like to gnaw a bone [Apsley]

And sip a glass of Cotes du Rhone [dkb]

I wonder whether Louis knows [Beefy]

(I grew this rose) [dan]

Or, with a doublet, smeared his nose [Apsley]

while sipping at divine ambrose [dan]

But when you look inside my heart [emily]

(what rhymes with heart?.. oh yeah, fart) [nomi]

You will behold a shameless tart [Apsley]

And look for new poems to start [Modeus]

But when all options cease to be [dan]

No one will be there to see [Brittany]

The stinging throatless bumble-bee [Apsley]

find solace in an apple tree [dan]

Contributors: dkb, Beefy, Anon., TG, Apsley, Modeus, fester, P, dan, emily, nomi, Brittany.
Poem finished: 5th March 2002.