The Spoonbill Generator

Sausage Pouting Pictured

Echinacea, oil of rum, it's all the same to us! [Apsley]

Anastacia howls and wails but we don't give a cuss. [dkb]

She may wear styleless glasses, but that does not commend [Apsley]

Her much to us, we'd rather see a movie with a frend [Beefy]

Who'd have some pig-tails, a brace and a widesmile [Apsley]

tipping all the scales in her favor for a while [Modeus]

Archimedes, Earl of Ulm, was never one to brag [Beefy]

But we undressed him, silly fool, and shoved him in a bag [Apsley]

He may rule several counties, but that does not suggest [TG]

That one did crave the harder stuff, spilt upon his breast [Modeus]

He'd hear some folk-tales, grimace and go to bed [Beefy]

with just a single cabbage embroidered on his head [melody]

Uncle Remus, so they say, was very fond of rye [Beefy]

Which might explain his preference for sleeping in a sty [dkb]

He may know several fables, but that does not imply [Beefy]

That other, wiser, gentlefolk will simply not ask 'Why?!' [Apsley]

They'd ask for details, embrace him, wish him well [Beefy]

And when his stomach rumbled they would wonder at the smell [fester]

Samuel Beckettt, King of Spoons, rode a rocky way [Apsley]

But there was no Fonzarelli in his play "Happy Days" [fester]

The cast, in fact, consists of two, Winnie and then Willie, [Apsley]

And all the critics have agreed the plot is rather silly. [dkb]

They ride his coat-tails, enthuse, then turn and grouse [Beefy]

Then they make room for Wiffie, the marathon mouse [dan]

Contributors: Apsley, dkb, Beefy, Modeus, TG, melody, fester, dan.
Poem finished: 3rd March 2002.