The Spoonbill Generator

69 Servants

The artichoke eyed the chili pepper with murderous contempt [dan]

"How dare you, Sir, attempt to leave without paying the rent! [fester]

My house, I find, is derelict, betrayed by your unkind [Apsley]

Disposal of my furniture in exchange for rancid wine!" [fester]

The chili pepper gazed at him with imperturbable disdain [Beefy]

And threw him out unhesitantly in the drizzling rain: [Apsley]

"Your impudence amazes me, you misbegotten cad! [fester]

You should have built me a palace with the rent that you have had!" [Beefy]

The cabbage watched the both of them, but kept an eye out for the mouse [fester]

Which used to pay a peppercorn to live inside that house [Apsley]

It urinated everywhere, thus causing great dismay [fester]

To Cousin Bertie, Uncle George amd distant Auntie Fay [Apsley]

Contributors: dan, fester, Apsley, Beefy.
Poem finished: 7th February 2002.