The Spoonbill Generator

Heroic, We Know Nothing

Boil my leg before you go - [Apsley]

And see if my tendons are tender [dan]

Mince them finely with my toe [fester]

In that Titanic coffee-blender [Apsley]

Spread this paste upon your bread - [fester]

And see if the butter has melted [Beefy]

Don't forget to coat my head [fester]

I don't want to get myself belted [Beefy]

Fry my testicles in ghee - [fester]

It makes them much more crunchy, [Apsley]

And i think that you shall see, [Sidney Poitier]

That they're perfect for your lunch. See? [fester]

Contributors: Apsley, dan, fester, Beefy, Sidney Poitier.
Poem finished: 7th February 2002.