The Spoonbill Generator

Dewdrop Whack, Martini Later...

The blancmange spoke, in rhyming couplets, [Apsley]

"Kirschwasser and rum, so sublime in my tum." [dan]

Internal rhyming requires careful timing [Beefy]

For those with a generous helping of bum - [Apsley]

Lazulitic spheres rotate in their sockets, [dan]

Unlike the gurgling clutch of quintuplets, [Apsley]

Stumbling mumblers with gum in their pockets [dan]

Shall we watch their teary eyes squint up? Lets - [Lunch]

Endomorphs squirm in the warmth of their burrows [Beefy]

Feeling the heat of the power on high [Apsley]

Driving the mercury right through the roof [dan]

To melt as the star sheds its glare on the furrows [Beefy]

Contributors: Apsley, dan, Beefy, Lunch.
Poem finished: 17th January 2002.