The Spoonbill Generator

When hamsters stammer

Enough of all this sniping, at the wizards great! [Apsley]

We used to have a hundred, but you've shot ninety-eight! [fester]

The two remaining mages are hiding in the woods [Beefy]

In great big silvery cloaks, complete with silvery hoods [Apsley]

Each makes a perfect target, sitting in a tree [fester]

Mixing up his potions, for a cup of tea: [Apsley]

Blistering barnacles clit skin soup [David Hotson]

That's what I drink to guard the hoop! [Apsley]

Be done with all this drinking, pass the mustard, please [Beefy]

For I'm nearly full to bursting and I feel the urge to sneeze [P]

The sniper pulled the trigger just as the wizard sneezed [fester]

The ricochet destroyed his cup - the wizard's far from pleased [Beefy]

"I've had enough of waiting! Shoot me now!" he cried [fester]

Yet, in his desperation, a buzzard then he spied [Apsley]

One last spell was just enough to set the hawk on fire [fester]

And from its ashes make for him a worthy funeral pyre [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, Beefy, David Hotson, P.
Poem finished: 13th December 2001.