The Spoonbill Generator

She boils

In its own bottle [Roland]

A dead axolotl [fester]

Recalls its most shining defeats [Roland]

Like when Aristotle [fester]

Had scythed off its wattle [Roland]

Whilst reciting a poem by Keats [fester]

Far from the kettle [Beefy]

There, under the settle [Roland]

Something has crawled in from the streets [fester]

I'll pull off one petal [Roland]

To see if it's metal [fester]

And then hang it up by the teats [Apsley]

This is not subtle [P]

For those who don't buttle [Apsley]

And are not great fans of cold meats [fester]

Or even a Ruttle [Apsley]

Inside a coal-scuttle [fester]

Who;s deluged by thousands of treats [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Beefy, Apsley, P.
Poem finished: 13th December 2001.