The Spoonbill Generator

Stanley Knife, Solid Flesh

Alone [Apsley]

The Walrus quaked [PeterWRC]

No groan [Apsley]

No pudding baked [Beefy]

By megaphone [P]

Unslaked [Roland]

Align [P]

These beetroots bold [Roland]

No sign [P]

To school or scold [Roland]

The serpentine [P]

Of old [Roland]

A lane [P]

Untrodden quite [Roland]

No chain [P]

No anthracite [Roland]

An aeroplane [P]

Polite [Roland]

A loon [P]

Of aspect grim [Roland]

No moon [P]

To dowse or dim [Roland]

A macaroon [fester]

For him [P]

Contributors: Apsley, PeterWRC, Beefy, P, Roland, fester.
Poem finished: 12th December 2001.