The Spoonbill Generator

Skywards in Epping's Impenetrable Parkland

'I hear you have a speaker-phone' [Apsley]

Cried Emma, as she sat alone [P]

Weeping o'er her solitude, [Apsley]

As, sadly, she drank Bolly, nude [fester]

Wallowing in immoral thoughts [Mary]

Of beige, or puce, or coral sorts [dkb]

As might befit a sophomore [Apsley]

With flu, who coughs a cough or four, [fester]

Immoral thoughts, we say again, [Apsley]

Of porn roles which she'd play again [fester]

With naked men and silk-clad whores [Apsley]

And one exploited big sad horse [fester]

(Called Cahrlie Chaplin by his friends) [Apsley]

As Emma dreams of filth, she mends [fester]

Some tired stockings from Nepal [Apsley]

To send to lepers in Bengal [fester]

Who walk on hands and knees: [Apsley]

There's not many of these [fester]

Who would pass up a cup of broth [Apsley]

And a free read of 'Grapes of Wrath' [fester]

Emma, then, a classy piece, [Apsley]

But not, perhaps, a masterpiece [fester]

Compared with others of her kind [Apsley]

Not quite perfectly designed [P]

One could forgive the extra breast [fester]

But not, quite honestly, the rest: [Apsley]

The scales upon her arms, her knees - [fester]

The neck that reaches to the trees - [Apsley]

A sight, quite frankly, to behold [Sharon]

As when her trunk-like nose unfolds [fester]

It amplifies her fuffy cheeks [Apsley]

And ends in a bright yellow beak! [OldMasterQ]

Emma's eyes surveyed the dawn; [riiiipppskii]

There were no lizards on the lawn, [Apsley]

Nor were there lizards in the trees [fester]

but Dr Suess supplied some bees [Toni]

From South Dakota (or Hong Kong), [Apsley]

As happy as the days were long. [dkb]

Emma thought to don some clothes - [Apsley]

While muttering some fearful oaths [Beefy]

That made the very twilight chill [Apsley]

Lucky FORTE [Anon.]

Plucky piano, if you will [Beefy]

Choose to stop feeling naughty... [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, P, fester, Mary, dkb, Sharon, OldMasterQ, riiiipppskii, Toni, Beefy, Anon..
Poem finished: 7th December 2001.