The Spoonbill Generator

Afternoon Prayers, Being a Master-Class for Emissaries of Torpor

Let's be quick! Their backs are turned [Roland]

Their dog-food looks quite tasty [fester]

In any case, our boats are burned [Roland]

We've got to be real hasty [fester]

Warden's at the garden door [Roland]

And his gun isn't holstered [fester]

But he knows he'll get what for [Apsley]

If he can't cut the mustard [fester]

Cut the mustard, split the jam [Roland]

Stir the custard, act the ham! [fester]

Let's be quick! Their knives are sharp [loaf]

It's time for retribution [P]

In any case, rise with the lark [fester]

That heads our revolution [Roland]

The Commissar is in the street [P]

And he is full of bluster [fester]

His final stand, both short and sweet [Roland]

A face-full of cold custard! [fester]

Mine the beanfield, shell the peas [Roland]

Spill the beans and spell the bees! [fester]

Let's be quick! Their words are cruel [P]

Their bark is more than biting [Roland]

In any case, we've got the tools [fester]

To sabotage the lighting [P]

The wolf is lurking by the door [fester]

The darkling thrush is crowing [Roland]

I know that it's a frightful bore [fester]

But "'Bye!" ... I must be going. [loaf]

Wet your whistle, wet the bed [fester]

Whet the knife and cut your head? [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, fester, Apsley, loaf, P.
Poem finished: 22nd November 2001.