The Spoonbill Generator

Leave Meetings Behind

A slice of bread, varinshed with wax, [Apsley]

A item which nobody sensible lacks [P]

An item that no-one on earth would disdain [Roland]

Provided that they've got a functioning brain [fester]

But what if the cranium harbours a void? [Roland]

The poor fool might not know the joys of waxed bread! [fester]

Or be able to count syllables... [Apsley]

O rhave any acquaintacnce at all with the concept of rhyme [P]

Sensible folk wax their own bread [fester]

Since prices of surfboards done filled us with dread - [Padmavyuha]

Waxed bread is much better than surfboards, we know [fester]

Not why we crave all that mouldy old dough! [Mary]

Contributors: Apsley, P, Roland, fester, Padmavyuha, Mary.
Poem finished: 17th November 2001.