The Spoonbill Generator

Unknown in Civilised Combat

Forests crash about my ears [Apsley]

Cliffs about my waist [Roland]

Cadillacs about my rear [fester]

Now hopelessly defaced [Roland]

Fireworks flash above my head [fester]

And waterworks below [Roland]

And earthworks covered up our dead [fester]

Until ten days ago [loaf]

In confusion we must breed [Apsley]

Reptiles of the mind [Roland]

Who will do the willing deed [Apsley]

And cure the sick behind [loaf]

Sanctimony is our pledge [Apsley]

Poverty our aim [Roland]

Living well beyond the edge [P]

The borders lasting fame [Roland]

Forelock-tugging peasants are [fester]

The parents of the blind [Apsley]

And, gathered in from near and far [Roland]

They never seem to mind [Anon.]

In truth, they never seem to know [loaf]

The right hand from the left, [Apsley]

And, when they move, they move so slow [fester]

A slug seems like an eft [Padmavyuha]

Contributors: Apsley, Roland, fester, loaf, P, Anon., Padmavyuha.
Poem finished: 16th November 2001.