The Spoonbill Generator

Balsamic Bus

From Russell Square to Holborn [Roland]

In a tubular device [P]

Then Edinburgh to Oban [Roland]

In carriage drawn by mice [TG]

And thence to Anatolia [Roland]

In something rather lowlier [P]

In a trice [Roland]

From cucumber to gherkin [TG]

By some metamorphic route [P]

From petrol can to firkin [TG]

Hopping on a single boot [P]

And thence to find a carrot [TG]

In some sequestered garret [Roland]

Must be moot [TG]

From Jupiter to Venus [P]

At one-third the speed of light [TG]

No one could have seen us [P]

Unless blessed with second sight [TG]

Or periscopic ankles [Roland]

(How the notion fairly rankles) [TG]

Or a kite? [Roland]

From aardvaark through to zygote [TG]

In a bookworm's greedy dream [Roland]

The pages fed to my goat [TG]

Are no longer what they seem [(trad)]

And though the picture's missing [TG]

The frame has gone astray [Roland]

Like the rhyme [TG]

Contributors: Roland, P, TG, (trad).
Poem finished: 5th November 2001.