The Spoonbill Generator

Cutlery Tissues

Is it a bug or a feature? [E Greejius]

The Gatekeeper whispered, that night [loaf]

As he laid his rough fists on his wife. [Apsley]

First she dug into that creature [Roland]

Then ate Peter's Whiskas - that's right [fester]

Without even the use of a knife [Beefy]

She was wild as the ocean is fearful [Apsley]

She was as dull as a chicken is bright [fester]

Lacking all flavour, tough as old boots [Apsley]

Sheba's child is emotional, tearful [fester]

Slow to calm down or turn off the light [Apsley]

Smacking the neighbour who touched her newts [fester]

Contributors: E Greejius, loaf, Apsley, Roland, fester, Beefy.
Poem finished: 5th November 2001.