The Spoonbill Generator

Saved By The Old Handbags Again

Architecture! Drifting slow [Roland]

Wondering just where to go [fester]

African or Esquimau ? [Roland]

Impetigo! Dreaming yet [fester]

And descending into debt [Roland]

From Peru or far Tibet? [fester]

Paranoia! Drowning not [Roland]

Floating southwards on a yacht [feater]

Hebrew else, nor Hottentot. [Roland]

Pork Pie! Stetson! Noble hats [fester]

Wafting on the breeze like bats [P]

In Entscheidungproblemplatz [dkb]

Mata Hari, dribbling on [Roland]

Like a transvestite Klingon [fester]

From the depths of planet Tron [Apsley]

Deconstruction! Short of breath [P]

In the forests choked with Death [Apsley]

My forgotten Shibboleth [Roland]

Moist infusion! How sublime! [Apsley]

Brought to grief in record time [Roland]

A penance for my life of crime [P]

Contributors: Roland, fester, feater, P, dkb, Apsley.
Poem finished: 10th October 2001.