The Spoonbill Generator

From Chocolate Time-Zones

Her eye is not my voice [P]

Her liberty, my snare [Roland]

She lies, and I rejoice [fester]

She weeps ... I do not care [Roland]

Her ear is not my taste [fester]

Her pulchritude repels [Apsley]

Her arm, around my waist [Roland]

Evinces inchoate hells [E Greejius]

Her nose is not my scent [Apsley]

Her dwelling, mine address [Roland]

Her joys - not heaven-sent - [E Greejius]

Are my complete distress [Roland]

Her lip is not my bite [Apsley]

Her tongue no second home [P]

She chews, and my respite [Apsley]

Is to spit out a bone [fester]

Contributors: P, Roland, fester, Apsley, E Greejius.
Poem finished: 8th October 2001.