The Spoonbill Generator

The Warped Toboggan (Auden Medal Awarded Posthumouly)

In the burrows of the Nightmare [fester]

Furthest from the waning sun [P]

Furthest from the throbbing pillow [Roland]

Sat a crouching, praying nun. [Apsley]

In that enigmatic posture [Roland]

Vaguely her life leaks away [fester]

Vaguely, as a cheap marshmallow [Roland]

Held too closely to the flame [fester]

In our wildest estimation [Apsley]

Seldom do we judge aright [dkb]

When the lowly praying mantis [Apsley]

Doth inflame our appetite [Roland]

In another twenty seconds [dkb]

Measured by a broken clock [Roland]

Night must fall and doom shall follow [dkb]

All bad writers, to the block [Roland]

In the dusty, leaf-filled passage [Apsley]

Sprawling down the unkempt page [Roland]

Sepia ink and paper yellow [dkb]

Both our latent thirst assuage [Roland]

In a vain attempt at succour [dkb]

Plucked from Leisure's idle fingers [Apsley]

Half the burghers of Atlantis [Roland]

In white-washed bars sadly lingers [Apsley]

Contributors: fester, P, Roland, Apsley, dkb.
Poem finished: 5th October 2001.