The Spoonbill Generator

Occasionally I Have Fallen Ill

When I was living with an elk [Anon.]

I vainly asked it for a shag [Apsley]

It just rolled over in the bed [fester]

And put my wallet in a bag [Apsley]

I've known my share of ruminants [brevis]

Who bent to my intense desire [Apsley]

Sometimes they'd steal my underpants [fester]

Or throw my wallet on the fire [dkb]

I used to know a randy moose [Fatty]

Who strove to have some sex each day [Apsley]

To say her morals were quite loose [fester]

Would make my wallet shout Hooray! [Apsley]

I knew a gnu who knew my needs [Beefy]

Were bestial beyond belief [Apsley]

Her furry friends my frenzies freed [fester]

But gave my wallet no relief [Apsley]

Contributors: Anon., Apsley, fester, brevis, dkb, Fatty, Beefy.
Poem finished: 13th September 2001.