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Delirium's Retchings

The rapid history becomes a page unturned [Apsley]

Beneath a lover's bed [Surlaw]

When manuscripts by Dennis Moore are swiftly burned [Apsley]

Unread [Surlaw]

His epithets were worthy of burning in the fire [Apsley]

Beneath a lover's belt [Surlaw]

Or else the silken stockings of a royal king [Apsley]

Ill-spelt [Surlaw]

By madams, cooks and darlings, all heirs to the throne [Apsley]

Beneath our strict contempt [Surlaw]

For strumpetry and harlotry are swift condemned [Apsley]

Ill-kempt [Surlaw]

The sonnetry of starlings was better than his verse [Apsley]

Beneath our vain behest [Surlaw]

To go at once to Canterbury with hearse [Apsley]

Undressed [Surlaw]

And so the poet's reputation lies in tatters [Apsley]

But nobody would really claim it matters [Surlaw]

Contributors: Apsley, Surlaw.
Poem finished: 3rd September 2001.