The Spoonbill Generator

Near the Symbolist Palace of Atrocities

We start our tale outside a German wood [fester]

That gave its name to many sweet gateaux [dkb]

That I should fain devour, if I could [Roland]

Fight my valiant way to my chateau [Apsley]

Alas, my way is blocked by many trees [dkb]

That resemble several fridges [Apsley]

And at this time of year I often sneeze [dkb]

To free myself from midges [Apsley]

"O saisons! O gateaux!" the poet cries [dkb]

In anguish at his mortal lot, through woe [Apsley]

And to the cruel heavens lifts his eyes [dkb]

To see a strange contraption swiftly go [Apsley]

Above the thorny trees an airship drifts [dkb]

That gave its name to many sweet delights [Apsley]

It's a big bugger [Lol]

So said my learned uncle several nights [Apsley]

Contributors: fester, dkb, Roland, Apsley, Lol.
Poem finished: 20th August 2001.