The Spoonbill Generator

Forget Neptune

Trumpets are green [Apsley]

Oboes are pink [dkb]

The cymbals explode [Apsley]

What was in my drink? [dkb]

What is this vibrant screen [Apsley]

And why does it shrink? [dkb]

Does it implode? [Apsley]

Don't know what to think. [dkb]

Your pupils are black [Apsley]

Vertical too [dkb]

The students explode [fester]

Were they sniffing glue? [dkb]

What does existence lack? [Apsley]

Why do I feel blue? [dkb]

What is this load [Apsley]

I think I once knew. [dkb]

We sit on the chair [Apsley]

One on each arm [dkb]

The cushions explode [Apsley]

Why are you so calm? [dkb]

What fragments adorn your hair? [Apsley]

Wherein lies your charm? [dkb]

Write me an ode [Apsley]

Or even a psalm. [dkb]

I lounge on my yacht [Apsley]

Five miles inland [dkb]

The deck-hands explode [Apsley]

Was this all planned? [dkb]

What lies behind the plot [Roland]

- were you trepanned? [dkb]

Reap what you sowed [Apsley]

Drink what you canned [loaf]

Must this bloody thing rhyme? [Lol]

Frankly, buddy, just give me a dime! [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, dkb, fester, Roland, loaf, Lol.
Poem finished: 18th August 2001.