The Spoonbill Generator

There goes another racing certainty

This door is alarmed [dkb]

By the lady who farmed [Apsley]

Her tractor is broken [dkb]

With venom unspoken [Apsley]

This window is closed [dkb]

To the fellow who dozed [Apsley]

His pillow is fluffy [dkb]

He's dreaming of Buffy [fester]

This gate is kept locked [dkb]

To those who have knocked [Apsley]

When they are rejected [dkb]

The saints are dejected [Apsley]

This verse is unclear [dkb]

For you, o my dear, [Apsley]

But to cognoscenti [dkb]

It has treasures aplenty [Apsley]

Contributors: dkb, Apsley, fester.
Poem finished: 16th August 2001.