The Spoonbill Generator

Noah often said that it was lucky to stick herrings to trees

The rain poured down; the waters rose, [dkb]

And droplets hung from Noah's nose [fester]

The clouds hung grey; the lightning flared [dkb]

And Noah stumbled, sodden-haired [fester]

As waters crashed along the deck [dkb]

Came flooding down poor Noah's neck [fester]

The chorusing of cheerful frogs [dkb]

Accompanied a shower of logs [Apsley]

Which showered down on Noah's head [fester]

(The flood of logs left him near dead) [fester]

And, as he lay there black and blue, [dkb]

A battleship hoved into view [Apsley]

The wind droved clouds about the sky [dkb]

The rain still fell. Nowhere was dry [fester]

Except the inmost veils of sleep [Apsley]

The clouds were high. The sea was deep [dkb]

Although all sense was all awry [Apsley]

Noah tucked into soggy pie [fester]

To soothe his nerves and peeve his wife [Apsley]

(The one bright thing in his wet life) [fester]

He flicked peas at her with a spoon [dkb]

Flirtatiously to make her swoon [fester]

Alas, 'twas all to no avail: [dkb]

The Ark was battered by a whale [Beefy]

Overboard went Mrs Noah [fester]

To feed all the fish below her [Fatty]

Poor Noah roared and wailed and cried [Apsley]

But the Ark sank and we all died... [Fatty]

Contributors: dkb, fester, Apsley, Beefy, Fatty.
Poem finished: 12th August 2001.