The Spoonbill Generator

Matrimony is Hegemony, not Patrimony

She's all to me, and little more [Apsley]

Than four feet high on her legs four [fester]

And how delightful is her tail [dkb]

As she eats turnips from her pail [fester]

How sweet, I say, are all of her [dkb]

As she stands shining in her fur [Apsley]

And how her lovely litle snout [fester]

Is where her breath goes in and out [dkb]

I always keep her coat well-groomed [fester]

(She more than nothing, hardly doomed) [Apsley]

I keep her hat more groomy still [dkb]

(It stops her head from catching chill) [fester]

Her warbling song each morning chimes [dkb]

With the arrival of the Times [fester]

Ah me, as I have said before, [dkb]

She's all to me, and little more. [Apsley]

Contributors: Apsley, fester, dkb.
Poem finished: 9th August 2001.