The Spoonbill Generator

Tooth Drill In Sandwich Town

When rank delusion soils the mind [Roland]

The toothless man will seldom hope [Apsley]

For morsels fit; whereas we find [Roland]

That lesser mortals champ on rope! [Apsley]

Thus, as the ego seethes and boils [Roland]

We drown ourselves in fragrant oils. [P]

The sage, Meniscus, penned those lines [loaf]

When lost at sea without a yacht; [Apsley]

For in the ocean's depths he finds [Fatty]

That little moons can bubble hot [GerardB]

With vapours dense and clouds opaque, [Apsley]

Which seldom are found in a lake. [Fatty]

Meniscus was the type of sage [Apsley]

That lesser men find slightly daft; [dkb]

He seldom got into a rage, [Apsley]

Not even when pushed off his raft [Fatty]

Into the cerulean blue [Apsley]

Where on his legs the sharks did chew. [Fatty]

As Legless Mennie, I am known [Apsley]

To all and sundry here in Rome [Hamish]

And, though I'm short of quite a bit, [Apsley]

And none of my trousers now fit, [Fatty]

Still I live the dolce vita [Apsley]

And that big girl on Blue Peter [Fatty]

Calls me up to chat from time to time [Apsley]

"Mennie, baby! How'ya doing? [Fatty]

Did you ever solve the crime? [Beefy]

What's the damage you are rueing?" [Apsley]

It's nice of her to take the time [Fatty]

And not repeat an earlier rhyme. [Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, Apsley, P, loaf, Fatty, GerardB, dkb, Hamish, Beefy.
Poem finished: 29th June 2001.