The Spoonbill Generator

Pointless Noses

A pound of cheese is just the stuff [Apsley]

To pay for mousy bits of fluff [Hamish]

That you can buy down at the market [Apsley]

Or hoover up from off the carpet [Fatty]

For just how useful fluff can be [Apsley]

Is plainly there for all to see [Fatty]

In analogue and digital [Apsley]

Throughout the lobes occipital [Beefy]

(Wherever they may rightly be) [Apsley]

And the other bits of brain [e]

(If Descartes' right, my very me?) [Apsley]

That make me come in from the rain [Beefy]

When I don't want to leave the garden [Apsley]

For if I do my heart will harden [P]

And I will become far too tough [Fatty]

To strike a pose or wear a ruff [Apsley]

Or play with little balls of fluff [Fatty]

That can be purchased soon enough. [Apsley]

A ton of chickens is just right [Fatty]

To carry in a micro-light [Apsley]

A chicken dropped from such a height [Fatty]

Would discommode many a wight [Apsley]

An ounce of lard will do just fine [Fatty]

Shall we go to yours or mine? [P]

Contributors: Apsley, Hamish, Fatty, Beefy, e, P.
Poem finished: 20th June 2001.