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Tennyson's Elbow Transplant

I glanced upon your book last night - [Apsley]

How trite! [e]

How lacking in intent, plot, thought and wit! - [Apsley]

Burn it! [Beefy]

If I had been the writer, I'd beware - [Apsley]

Be where? [Fatty]

I read a hundred words or so of tripe [Apsley]

Oft ripe! [Fatty]

I fumed and ranted at the verbose style [Apsley]

Boast isle! [Hamish]

If I had bound the volume, I'd despair [Apsley]

This pair! [P]

To what dire genre does this trash belong? [Fatty]

To song? [P]

Can it deserve the name of book or tome? [Apsley]

Go home! [Anon.]

How canI rightly drag it from my hair? [Apsley]

Who cares? [Anon.]

Contributors: Apsley, e, Beefy, Fatty, Hamish, P, Anon..
Poem finished: 19th June 2001.