The Spoonbill Generator

Dali's Uncle's Duckpond of Filth

In an old ball of string [Apsley]

Lives a strange and nasty... [i]thing[/i] [Fatty]

That tries to use some meta tags [Apsley]

But hits some unexpected snags [Fatty]

Upon the briny sea [Apsley]

In a strange smell of gloom [dkb]

The nasty... [i]thing[/i] dreams of doom [Fatty]

And tries, in code, to write a page [Apsley]

Whilst soaking wet and full of rage [Fatty]

Upon the briny sea [P]

In articulated [Fatty]

Trucks, and electrocuted [Apsley]

Ducks, one finds a sense of kin [Beefy]

But the nasty... [i]thing[/i] is friendless [Hamish]

Deep in his misery [Apsley]

In spite of all his pains [Beefy]

No one thinks to block his drains - [Apsley]

They're far too stinky to endure [Fatty]

Unless you're fond of old manure... [Apsley]

Upon the briny sea [Fatty]

In despair at tortured verse [Apsley]

Apsley books himself a hearse [Fatty]

For the body of his friend [Apsley]

Completely driven round the bend [Fatty]

Deep in his mystery [Apsley]

In an old cemetery [Fatty]

Not far from Coventry [Apsley]

Apsley's friend is laid to rest [Fatty]

His meta tags gleam on his chest [Beefy]

Upon the briny sea [Apsley]

Now, lest we forget [Curt!]

The cat and her vet [Apsley]

Are both getting wet [Hamish]

In the coracle tossed on the sea [Apsley]

I'm willing to bet [Fatty]

That the emerald waters [Apsley]

Will soon be the death [Fatty]

Of Harriet Walters [Apsley]

The rest is history [Beefy]

Contributors: Apsley, Fatty, dkb, P, Beefy, Hamish, Curt!.
Poem finished: 6th June 2001.