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Stravinksy in Sidcup: Untimely Minuet

If saints are souls with greater spirit [P]

Let's hope they will the earth inherit, [Apsley]

Failing that, three sacks of loam [Roland]

Made from disused packing foam [Apsley]

Should be enough to house my ferret [P]

In the land where rodents roam [TG]

If angels love with much more loving [hamish]

They will not tend to like some shoving [Apsley]

But who will crave what angels shun? [P]

What masochist will be the one [Fatty]

To send the shiny steel-capped glove in [Apsley]

And say that this is so much fun? [Fatty]

If abbots eat far too much cheese [Apsley]

They don't emit a pleasant breeze [Fatty]

And go to sleep off, in a tree, [Apsley]

Their greedy repast, windily, [Fatty]

But squirrels can spread vile disease [Anon.]

To one's lovely family [Apsley]

If priests are men, but not so sinful [Fatty]

They well deserve a handsome windfall [P]

Plucked by cherubs from the branches [Apsley]

They calculate each horse's chances [Fatty]

Of snatching up a mighty chinful [Apsley]

But still pray to St Francis [ApsleyJr]

Contributors: P, Apsley, Roland, TG, hamish, Fatty, Anon., ApsleyJr.
Poem finished: 24th May 2001.