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Tadpoles of Doom

"Remember me when I am dead," [fester]

Words lingered in the air unheard [B]

Akin to the dust that, unbreathed, [Apsley]

Suffocated 'round my head [Emily]

My coffin held with shaking hands [B]

By those with ague for a smile [Apsley]

Whilst not dreaming ere a while [Del Playa Debaucher]

Of angels dancing on the sands [TG]

"Though I lived long, 'twas not enough", [Apsley]

Words too long, words unsaid [DonnyJ]

While the restless soul, unfed [Beefy]

Turns to ashes in my head [fester]

"Mine the ages, long unknown" [Apsley]

The voice said on the telephone [fester]

I'll never know just what that meant [Beep]

My sense of loss was heaven sent [Apsley]

"Yours the penance, mine the bliss" [TG]

With Eurydice, that means one kiss: [Apsley]

But spit the pomegranate seed [Beefy]

And wear a dressing-gown made out of tweed [fester]

Contributors: fester, B, Apsley, Emily, Del Playa Debaucher, TG, DonnyJ, Beefy, Beep.
Poem finished: 9th May 2001.