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Conquer the Bandits of Love!

Remembrance is a form of rhubarb

You must wear yours with a difference

To mock the fiction of Jane Austen

Under an effete umbrella

Of modesty as false as rumour [P]

Would be as bad as to the maxim [Apsley]

"Go west young man" when east of Peckham [Grayman]

Replying "Yes, you are quite right - [fester]

Pocahontas was a native [Apsley]

And weren't the Bee Gees just so fab?" [Fatty]

Such the vapid words of silence [Apsley]

From those without a gift for gab [Grayman]

In the Andes (north of Burma?), [Apsley]

They name some rhubarb every day [fester]

In remembrance of John Ruskin, [Apsley]

In their menial gumboots quaking [Roland]

Saying "You are Ruskin Rhubarb - [fester]

Named after the famous critic" [Fatty]

k [Anon.]

sera sera when east of Eden [fester]

Grows the horrid thorny spine-bush [Apsley]

Where the infant Hiawatha [fester]

Planted once a clump of lilies [Apsley]

Slimy, mournful-looking lilies [Roland]

That reminded me of thunder, [Apsley]

In the Pennines, south of Watford [Beefy]

Keep the Aspidistra flying! [E Greejius]

Never tell the one who told you [Beefy]

That his lie was soon discovered [P]

By the man whose boot-tops glisten [Beefy]

in the Autumn's morning sunlight [P]

Leaking through the stained-glass window [Beefy]

Of the chapel on the island [P]

YAMAMA [Anon.]



Roared the witless voices of the thunder [Apsley]

Contributors: P, (trad), Roland, Apsley, Grayman, fester, Fatty, Anon., Beefy, E Greejius, loaf.
Poem finished: 25th March 2001.