The Spoonbill Generator

Firestorm Fingers

Have you heard the story of the Chattlewhump, my son? [donny]

The lungs that wheeze, the fire that burns, young bairn? [Apsley]

Let me tell it, just this time, [Apsley]

To scare away the night [Beefy]

Or else, from lifeless cinders, mould an image of the King [Apsley]

And render him most sadly, a quite unliving being. [Vid]

Let me see it ere I die [Grayman]

But - never ask me why... [fester]

For phantasms are the stuff of life and give to man a thrill [Apsley]

And keep him quite ecstatic, till it's time to pay the bill [TG]

Let me bark it, in the night, [Apsley]

give me thrills and give me fright [Mystico]

Thrills that cause the blood to race, the humours all to flow; [Apsley]

The blood to race, the heart to bleed, the nose to quiver so [fester]

Contributors: donny, Apsley, Beefy, Vid, Grayman, fester, TG, Mystico.
Poem finished: 19th February 2001.